total introvert

Preschool Art Teacher by day
Photographer by night + weekend!

Hi! I'm Caitie with a "C"

The concept of "home" is something that I've always valued. 

All about creating images that FEEL like home. 

And the moment I started speaking about 'home', your mind began to bring up all the images that take you there. 

For me, its walking down the street with my grandpa as a little girl, hand in hand. Stopping at a little patch of grass on the side of the road where "touch me nots" grew like crazy. It's Gramps showing me how the leaves fold shut when you run your finger over them, and him letting me close them all up before we walked back home. How I wish I had a photograph of that moment! 

For most of my 20's, I was searching for mine. But home is not only a place... more importantly, a feeling. It's a physical, and emotional space filled with people, memories, and fleeting moments. I know you get it. You FEEL it.

Things You Might Not Know About Me

born in 

Amarillo, Texas


being an empath


creative pursuits


binge-watching hulu


travel! - thats a hobby right?


camera gear + iced matcha!

It's important that you love your photographer's shooting and editing style, and trust that they will create the most flattering images of you.

What to Expect from a Session

In both painting and photography, I love to work with bold, vivid colors! My style doesn't align with the trendy dark + moody or monochrome color scheme. I also don't over-expose for the light and airy look. I like to keep skin tones looking pretty natural, while still creating a little drama here and there! My work is best described as true-to-color, warm, and will capture you in a timeless way.

Wondering what to expect at your session?! We'll start by getting a couple of the formal shots that everyone chooses for holiday cards. Gotta have em! But I also believe that it's all about those in-between moments! We'll play games, and I'll ask you to just interact and have fun for relaxed, candid shots. Hugs, kisses, funny faces, I love it all, and so will you as you're looking through the gallery! 

I'd love to meet you 

and get to work together. I can't wait to create beautiful images and help you shine through your photos.

lets talk