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Here are a few things about me:
-Preschool Art Teacher by day, Photographer by night + weekend!
-I'm a total introvert, and thrive with one-on-one connections.
-It takes me months to pick a new paint color for the walls, but literal seconds to book a flight to somewhere new. 

Hi! I'm Caitie with a "C"

about me

The concept of "home" is something that I've always valued. 
For most of my 20's, I was searching for mine. But home is not only a place... more importantly, a feeling. It's a physical, and emotional space filled with people,  memories, and fleeting moments. I know you get it. You FEEL it. And the moment I started speaking about 'home', your mind began to bring up all the images that take you there. 

For me, its  walking down the street with my grandpa as a little girl, hand in hand. Stopping at a little patch of grass on the side of the road where "touch me nots" grew like crazy. It's Gramps showing me how the leaves fold shut when you run your finger over them, and him letting me close them all up before we walked back home. How I wish I had a photograph of that moment! 

All about creating images that FEEL like home. 

being an empath

My best quality:

travel! - thats a hobby right?

my favorite hobby:

creative pursuits

I can't live without:

camera gear + iced matcha!

i can't stop buying:

binge-watching hulu

I have a bad habit of:

amarillo, tx

Born in:

Things You Might Not Know About Me

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

- kristin o.

“She was absolutely incredible with my boys who were uncooperative to put it gently. Caitie managed to get the most incredible pictures my family has ever had. They brought tears to my eyes. I will cherish these pictures forever. She is just an amazing photogrpaher. 10/10!!!!!”

“Caitie managed to get the most incredible pictures my family has ever had.”

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