June 23, 2022

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St. Mary’s and Botanical Gardens Wedding In Amarillo, Tx – Chloe + Nathan

Sparkler exit at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens
Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

Chloe + Nathan got married on a beautiful sunny day in May. May happens to be my favorite month because my birthday falls on the 4th, and it’s no secret that teachers start dreaming of the last day of school sometime around the 1st of the month!!! It’s also a gorgeous time for a wedding. This event had me excited for several reasons – It was my first wedding of the season, and it would be my first time photographing a Catholic ceremony! I showed up to the church not fully knowing what to expect, but eager to get started! Venue shots come first, and St. Mary’s Cathedral in Amarillo does not fall short on beauty.

St. Mary's Church Amarillo, Texas
St. Mary's Church, Amarillo, Texas

Right after the venue shots, come the Bride + Groom’s details! Each of my couples receive a Wedding Guide to help them out with the things they probably wouldn’t think about, but are super important to photographers. Like, for example, to gather up your rings, shoes, florals, accessories, (ETC) for those ever-popular, and oh-so-pretty flat lays that have become a staple of wedding photography. I have to admit that curating these detail shots used to intimidate me a little but I’ve been practicing! (You can practice at home with special items you may have – it’s actually a ton of fun. And flat lays can have any theme, like baking, charcuterie items, vintage jewelry, stationary, old photographs, or almost anything you can think of.) It’s also important to have a nice hanger for the iconic dress shots – I just love personalized ones like Chloe’s! She also added the gorgeous tulle attachment to the back of her dress to make it one-of-a-kind.

For these photos, I wanted a spot with lots of natural light and a simple background that would fit the wedding theme. I found the perfect speckled green floor that just so happened to be right in the entryway of the church, so that anytime people were coming in and out, they would glance at me skeptically like “What is this crazy lady doing on the floor with all that stuff?!” The friendly man and woman who were behind the desk even came to peer over my shoulder and tell me they’d never seen anyone do this before, in all the weddings they’ve ever seen at the church! (PRO TIP – Hire a photographer who will go that extra mile to get creative shots on your wedding day!)

Even though I arrived early, things started to move very quickly before the ceremony! This is pretty normal for wedding days, so it’s always a good idea to just bake more time into the schedule than you think you’ll need. Nonetheless, both Chloe and Nathan were handling the wedding-day stress and jitters with poise. If you spend a little time with them both, it’s not difficult to realize that they were made for one another. They are both calm, relaxed people, but driven and in charge at the same time. And they were both totally surrounded by people who love them.

For the ceremony, I was asked not to use flash. This can prove tricky when you’re in a very low-lit room, and can’t get very close to your subjects. But what I loved was that it forced me to get creative shots from all different angles! I’ve attended weddings at the Catholic Church before, so I was aware that they are about an hour long. But I didn’t always know what was coming up next! Whew – what an experience! In the end, I used the available lighting to keep the ambiance of the room, and capture some beautiful photos of this very special ceremony. It was so touching and meaningful. I know Chloe and Nathan will remember this day for the rest of their lives.

When Chloe and I met for the initial consultation, she mentioned that their wedding theme would be classic and elegant. This girl can make things happen! The reception was held at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens, with a gorgeous palette of pinks, greens, and rose gold! Chloe scheduled enough time between the ceremony and reception that we were able to get a ton of wedding party photos and some really romantic bride + groom shots in the gardens too.

Amarillo Botanical Gardens Bridal Portrait

These bride and groom shots, y’all. Straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie!

Just stepping into the reception room honestly took my breathe away. There are so many options out there when you’re looking for vendors for your wedding, and I can honestly say Unforgettable Moments and The Minted Peony got every single detail right. This beautiful reception truly was (to channel my inner Lizzie Maguire) “what dreams are made of”! And the cake/desserts came from Market Street United.

And finally, the sparkler exit to end an absolutely perfect day! Chloe + Nathan, I can tell you guys have all the support in the world. Your wedding was spiritual, smooth, and full of lifetime friends. I wish you both all the best, and am just SO SO honored you chose me as your photographer. I can’t think of a better couple to start my 2022 wedding season off!


Photographer: Eleven Four Photography

Flowers: Market Street United

Venue: St. Mary’s and Botanical Gardens

Dresses: David’s Bridal

Food: Market Street

Decorations:The Minted Peony and Unforgettable Moments

Videographer: Feels like Film

Groom’s suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair and makeup: Mosaic Beauty

Cake: Market Street 

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